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I'm Jennifer Charles

With a love of nature, color, and design, I have been decorating and organizing spaces since childhood.  I have a keen eye for color and space maximization. 


I brought beauty and order to my home on a budget and was encouraged by friends to launch my own decorating and staging business. 


Since that time, I staged both new and existing houses for sale-readiness, managed renovations, and redecorated kitchens, bathrooms, and various living spaces. 


I feel energized and inspired by creating beautiful and thoughtful spaces with clients.


So, whether it’s transforming a room or staging a home for sale, let us share our vision with you! 

I'm Bonnie Jones

I can't remember a time that I didn’t get energized by taking something that, with a few simple changes, creates a different feel to a room. I see myself as a down to earth artist who loves to get my hands dirty, isn't afraid to climb ladders, and is comfortable taking out the drill and screwdriver for projects.


Changing the color of a room with paint or painting a piece of furniture can create an environment that feels new and fresh. I love working with clients to create a functional, practical space that reflects their own identity and makes it work in their life.


I am energized by decorating my own home and it has now grown into helping others turn their homes into a beautiful, happy place that reflects their unique style that they can share with family and friends.

I'm looking forward to helping you create a unique space.

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